2015 – The Town Planning Consultancy Jobs Outlook

2015 – The Town Planning Consultancy Jobs Outlook

2015 – The Town Planning Consultancy Jobs Outlook


Against the backdrop of an improving economic climate and a thriving development industry we are seeing some interesting changes in the Town Planning Jobs  market within Planning Consultancies.


For those of us to have been involved in Town Planning for some time, we remember suffering the desperate lack of candidates the industry experienced during 2005 – 2008. During these times the big Planning Consultancies were in a constant battle to attract top Planning talent. Adverts for jobs yielded few applicants and LinkedIn, and other social networking sites, were considerably less developed. Headhunting was the name of the game and having clients working with me which would be flexible in their assessment of new talent was very important to me.


These were really tough times to find candidates for roles and this led to the very best candidates having the ability to considerably adapt the job on offer to their personal requirements. Candidates could dictate what they wanted out of the next move and the best employers worked their business plans around accommodating them into their teams.


Now – in 2015, we are not quite back to 2007 levels, but there is a real sense that for the first time since the recession, demand for candidates across the board exceeds supply. Those who have survived the recession, further developed their planning careers and have built their networks are in a position to be picky about the jobs on offer.


Salaries have shown a significant improvement in the last two years, so have utilisation rates and charge out rates within leading consultancies. This all leads to there being more money in the pot to reward staff. The way we work has changed too. More and more often candidates report that they work from home for some of the week and they can balance their work commitments against their personal/family life.


2015 looks set to be the Year of the Candidate in Town Planning Consultancy and we welcome the opportunity to discuss what our clients are looking for this year, and how we can add value to your career.


Shaun Lewis

Town Planning Director

Lewis Davey

020 7859 4246



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