Are you a Mouse-Tapper?

Are you a Mouse-Tapper?

The way we tap our Mouses says a lot about us. I’d imagine that in the years to come with the continued rise of big-data we could indeed be in a position where we can Psycho-analyse employees happiness and effectiveness by analysing the frequency and timings of the manner in which they tap their mouse.

Tip-tap. Tip-tap. Admit it – most of us will have duller days where the conviction lacks and the tip-tap of the mouse is slow and somewhat laboured. In some moments we may find that we apply considerable more pressure than that of which may be required – a louder mouse-tapper may in fact suggest a someone agitated user.

Tipper-tapper, tipper-tapper, tap tap. Then there are those of us who find ourselves in a situation where we are working at such pace that the electronica signalling system at the heart of said mouse is struggling to keep pace with our dictation.

How you tap you mouse probably says quite a lot about your state of mind and if you find yourself more of a tip-tap rather than a tipper-tapper, tap tap, then maybe it’s time your considered a career change?

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