Autumn Town Planning Jobs and Market Update

Autumn Town Planning Jobs and Market Update



Autumn Town Planning Jobs and Market Update


As everyone returns back to work after the summer holidays, it’s been shown that Autumn is the most popular time of year to look for a new role. Why is that?


Some have said that it is the sense of dread of returning to those same old issues which were bothering you at the start of the summer. Others have said that it’s just hard to get back into work when you have been laying on a beautiful beach only the week before! I tend to think that whilst these are all true, a crucial reason is that many of us get to spend extra time with our families and friends over the summer period. We have to answer questions about how your job is ‘going’ and we talk about the future. We also reflect on how we felt this time last year and our partner, families and friends will do this too.


It’s good to do this every now and again. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side but there is a need to evaluate the choices that you have made to date and to focus on what your future goals are. 


Thankfully this is a good time to do this as a Town Planner. There are Town Planning Jobs being opened up all of the time, on a nationwide basis. Interestingly, many companies offer considerably better employment terms to what they had in the past. There is a greater focus on flexible working, a big incentive for pensions to be addressed and a recognition by your employers that if you are not ‘well looked after’ there are plenty of options elsewhere.


Salaries are on the rise too. This is particularly true for Chartered Town Planners in the private sector, who have started to develop a client base since the recession. Still the move from public to private will not likely give you an immediate salary hike but people can move to the private sector knowing that their salary will outstrip their public sector salary within 2 years of the move. The move to the private sector should be about more than salary though. We are entering into a period of sustained growth in the private sector planning consultancy market. There are numerous exciting changes to the planning system and the mind set of many councils is noticeably more development friendly than any other time in the last decade. If you miss it this time around, there are no guarantees that the switch will be so easy again in the next few years.


Below are our selection of current and active private sector roles in Town Planning:


Town Planning Jobs


·         Town Planning Partner – Newcastle/Durham

·         Head of Planning – London

·         Planning Director – London

·         Planning Director – Surrey

·         Planning Manager – Bristol

·         Planning Manager – Cheshire

·         Planning Manager – Warwickshire

·         Associate Director – Hampshire

·         Associate Town Planner – London

·         Associate Retail Planner – London

·         Senior Town Planner – Reading

·         Principal Planner – Bristol

·         Senior Environmental Planner – South Manchester

·         Senior Planner – West London

·         Senior Planner – Dorset

·         Senior Planner – Surrey

·         Senior Planner – South London

·         Senior Planner – Oxford

·         Senior Planner – Hertfordshire

·         Senior Planner – Manchester

·         Part – Time Senior Planner – West Sussex

·         Senior Planner – Birmingham

·         Senior Planner – Bristol

·         Senior Planner – Dorset

·         Senior Minerals and Waste Planner – Eastern England

·         Senior Retail Planner – London

·         Senior Planner – Hampshire

·         Senior Housing Development Consultant – South Coast

·         Town Planners – Dorset, Somerset, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Norfolk, Kent, Hampshire, Durham, West Sussex, East Sussex, North Yorkshire, Lancashire, Lincolnshire

·         Graduate Planners – Durham, North Yorkshire, Sussex, Dorset, London


Please contact Shaun or Peter on 020 7859 4246 to discuss your career plans and to discuss the active roles on offer. Your CV is never sent out without your permission and all CVs can be sent directly to At this stage we are only recruiting candidates with an RTPI accredited Masters, or equivalent. To expedite the process previous applicants need not apply as we will be contacting you on regular basis to keep you informed of new developments.



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