UK confirms partnerships with UAE and Colombia to support clean energy development


UK confirms partnerships with UAE and Colombia to support clean energy development

The UK has increased international connections in the energy industry with the agreement of long-term partnerships with Colombia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Both plans will predominantly focus on sustainability and clean energy investment, supporting new decarbonisation plans in the future and enabling further investment in the renewable energy industry.

With the signing of an MoU with the UAE, the plan will support the transfer of technical knowledge, skills and expertise to create new areas for collaboration on energy and climate. The long-term agreement will create further job opportunities and investment within the UK. The UAE is a significant player in the renewable energy space, as it continues investing in new technologies focusing on the energy transition. UK Business and Energy Secretary Grant Shapps explain that the latest agreement with the UAE will strengthen energy security and reduce bills for customers in the long term, as well as create new opportunities for investment in British expertise and jobs. Shapps believes that international collaboration on energy and climate with partners like the UAE is critical for future development plans. The latest negotiated deal with the UAE includes the use of hydrogen. The UAE’s interest in the UK hydrogen industry has risen recently, with leading energy business ADNOC taking a 25% share in the design stage of BP’s blue hydrogen H2 Teesside project. Businesses worldwide have invested in green hydrogen development and producing technologies that accelerate decarbonisation.

The newly established partnership could see additional UAE hydrogen activities in the UK. The UAE isn’t the only country the UK has signed a strategic partnership with to support its net zero journeys. The UK government announced a renewal of its partnership for sustainable growth with Colombia, focusing on low-carbon energy development and sustainability. The partnership will focus on eliminating and reversing deforestation, implementing an energy transition and promoting the sustainable use of biodiversity, support local communities nationwide.

James Cleverly, the UK foreign secretary, explains that he is delighted to renew the UK-Colombia Partnership to strengthen collaboration on the climate challenge. The next stage of the partnership will focus on halting biodiversity loss of land and marine ecosystems.

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