Code for Sustainable Homes Abolished – Is it a Negative for industry?

Code for Sustainable Homes Abolished – Is it a Negative for industry?

The government finally made a decision to abolish the code for sustainable homes after sitting on their hands for a fair few weeks but what is this likely to mean for the job market.  

I can’t help that feel it’s going to have a negative impact on the jobs.  From speaking to one managing director of a small sustainability practice this morning, they envisage that we will probably see a consolidation of the market over the next few months as with less work, prices will be slashed in other areas as competition increases. So there’s a real chance this could have repercussions for other parts of the sustainable construction market. 

Speaking to another contact a few weeks back, they were worried that changes to CfSH would ultimately lead to some concern around the long term legitimacy of BREEAM.   

I’m not a big fan of red tape and bureaucracy so, in some ways, understand the streamlining of compliance.  However, I do feel that this will have a negative impact on the market and jobs. A lot of Code assessors have been trained and recruited over the years and their roles are likely to now become redundant – perhaps literally.  The CfSH seemed like it was having a positive outcome on standards for new builds and the pessimist in me feels that some of this will be lost once it is integrated into building regs.  Perhaps many of the skills CfSH assessors have developed over the past years can be transitioned into a broader consultancy offering but as we have seen with the likes of the FiT changes, industry dislikes uncertainty, and any transition will be on hold as with further recruitment until the new model becomes clearer.  

What are your thoughts? Do you think that the changes to Code for Sustainable Homes is a good thing? Is BREEAM now at risk? How would you rate the governments green credentials?


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