Engie launches its very own zero retrofit scheme


Engie launches its very own zero retrofit scheme

Engie has confirmed the launch of its Engie Zero retrofit scheme. It is a dedicated project supporting the decentralisation, digitalisation and decarbonisation of UK homes. The plans will also include solutions for solar and battery storage, combined with mechanical ventilation, long term maintenance, monitoring and what Engie refers to as low carbon heating and hot water solution.

Engie has confirmed that smart technologies, such as rapid electric vehicle charging infrastructure and grid balancing technologies, will be included. Engie highlighted that the scheme harnesses savings generated from technologies, combined with current revenue streams and government incentives including the renewable heat incentive, energy companies obligation and grid balancing agreements, to finance the initial costs of developing the project.

Engie confirmed that local authorities, housing associations and other registered providers can implement the retrofit solutions. Andy Merrin, the divisional head of energy and innovation at Engie UK, explained that Engie selected a retrofit scheme because approximately 80% of existing properties will be standing in 2050.

The current housing stock will have a significant impact on future zero-carbon plans. Mr Merrin added that the new project will support the elimination of fuel poverty and enhance the quality of living and wellbeing.

He hopes that the changes will support further investment into additional renovations, driving the necessary changes to the built environment industry to reach our zero-carbon targets.

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