Learning lessons from ESOS


Learning lessons from ESOS

ESOS part deux is fast approaching.  There is a clear indication from speaking with Energy Services providors of late that order books are beginning to ramp up. After a quieter start to the year, we’re expecting to see energy consultancies enter a busier period which will be further animated by increased appetite around energy storage and demand-side response.  Indeed M&S recently put it out there that they were struggling to source independent advice around BESS – cue lots of eager sales calls.

ESOS reinvigorated a fatigued energy consultancy industry which subsequently witnessed heights of activity on a par with the old Carbon Trust days but alas, this was not without repercussions.  Many businesses were so quick to focus on delivering ESOS reports, they took one eye of their longer-term sales pipeline.  Some businesses recruited aggressively to service the demand from the market and then it happened- the calm after the storm. Businesses didn’t need energy consultancy anymore – they just had to get their ship in order and now they were fine.  A report no doubt found a home on a shelf somewhere, probably gathering dust until a disastrous Brexit coupled with poor government planning around energy security causes energy prices to dramatically rise… There was of course talk of implementing all those great projects that had been duly identified but the appetite for this was varying at best.   A lot kept their heads above water, others recoiled and made redundancies. A few continued to grow – the exception rather than the rule.

So what now? ESOS 2 is just around the corner.  Demand for energy services is beginning to stir.  How are Energy Services Providers going to avoid the pitfalls of excessively lumpy order books. Well the answer is with some pre-planning.  It’s time to think ahead – maybe make that hire now before the available interim Energy Consultants get a gig.  There are people who would consider a one-year contract but fast forward six months and my guess is these will be gainfully employed.  By thinking ahead, you can ensure that you have built a network of contractors and associates who will work with you and you can build the added costs of these into your client proposals.

You can also talk to Lewis Davey (www.lewisdavey.com) because we are thinking ahead.  We’re ensuring our clients have access to appropriate energy consultants when the time comes but, as much as I would love an infinity pool on the side of my fantasy beach-side house at Rincon, this particular [talent] pool is not infinitive.

You can call us on 020 7859 4246 or email info@lewisdavey.com.

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