ESOS & Energy Management Recruitment

ESOS & Energy Management Recruitment


The talk amongst those in Energy Management Consultancy at the moment is around ESOS (Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme).   Like CRC, the hope is that ESOS will drive more demand for Energy Management Consultancy.  The Cleantech & Sustainability team at Lewis Davey share that hope as more demand for Energy Audits is likely to mean more demand for recruiting Energy Managers and/or Energy Consultants.  With around a decade of experience of recruiting energy managers and finding energy managers jobs, we like to think we are quite good at what we do. 


Recruiting Energy Managers though is not an easy process and we advise all looking at potentially hiring energy engineers to plan well ahead.  Sometimes you can get fortunate and the right talent at the right budget is available.  At other times the whole recruitment process and can be a tedious and drawn out process.  As a consequence there are a few tips we can provide around recruiting energy managers:


1)      Think ahead: With notice periods typically ranging from one month to three combined with the rigours of arranging diaries around interviews and finding the candidate in the first place, it’s worth thinking well ahead.  If you are considering advertising in specialist print, something we can help manage, you will also need to think about print deadlines and how long you run adverts for (print and online).

2)      Advertising alone probably won’t work: We advertise and we advertise a lot but more often than not, it doesn’t work.  Whilst there is undoubtedly more success from a tailored advertising campaign looking to maximise the applications from energy managers, advertising online in one of two places is unlikely to produce results.   Our team taps into a network built up over almost ten years of both active and passive job seekers, we can proactively approach candidates, overcoming objections and “selling” the relative merits of an opportunity. We combine this with a plethora of other talent acquisition techniques advertising, social media, attending conferences and seeking referrals.  Even with this approach we still struggle.

3)      Frame the opportunity: Why should a candidate be interested in your company over others? Do you other flexible working? Have great holidays? Are innovative? Have a brilliant team? You’ll need to communicate this and communicate it effectively throughout the recruitment process. Now it’s no good just saying you’re innovative and have a great team –show candidates why you are innovative and just how great your team is.

4)      Move quickly: You snooze, you _______.  I guess you know that….but we literally lose count with businesses stalling on a candidate in a candidate short market and regretting that when they decide too late that the individual they had in mind really was the best available.

5)      Be flexible: Look internally for promotions, take on graduates and train them up and shape them.  By the time it takes to find a perfect candidate, you could have trained someone up internally or taken someone slightly less experienced and developed them.  This is good for the industry and also research suggests that candidates with room to progress excel.

6)      Be competitive: You need to make sure you are benchmarking your salaries and packages across industry.  It should never be about money (why candidates want to move jobs) but the package should be competitive. 


Have we missed something? Let us know.  Work in Energy Management and happy in your job? Let us know why. 


Thinking about recruiting within energy efficiency.  Do not hesitate to get in touch with the Lewis Davey team on 020 7859 4246 or though  



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