Increasing Demand for BREEAM Assessors – The War for Talent

Increasing Demand for BREEAM Assessors – The War for Talent

Increasing Demand for BREEAM Assessors – The War for Talent              

For the last twelve months or so we’ve seen a steady increase in the demand for accredited BREEAM assessors and as of today Lewis Davey is recruiting for a handful of Sustainability Consultants in London alone with plenty of other opportunities across the UK. 


It seems that we are going back to pre-credit crunch days, where the demand for BREEAM assessors significantly outweighs the available talent in the market place.  Cue the War for Talent. But what does this mean for candidates and businesses looking to hire BREEAM Assessors?


Businesses will find it harder to recruit. Advertising is very unlikely to work and our advice is to think ahead, give yourself as much time as possible and take talent when and if it becomes available.  Being able to communicate what makes your business as well as the opportunity unique is essential.  In addition to recruitment, businesses will need to think about retention.  If you are aggressively searching for BREEAM Assessors, it would make sense that some of your competitors are as well.  It makes sense to focus efforts on retaining staff and training those up than replacing.


Candidates will be experiencing a heightened demand for their skill sets. What we have found at Lewis Davey is that candidates quite often don’t want to do BREEAM full-time and like to have diversity in their roles.  However, first and foremost the demand from our clients tends to be for out and out BREEAM Assessors as a pre-requisite.  Whilst many businesses use BREEAM, which is a rather commoditised market, as a way to open up doors to more interesting and higher margin work, others want BREEAM Assessors to deliver BREEAM work alone. 


In some instances there will be opportunities to work on a wider variety of work such as Passivhaus, Energy Statements, Sustainability Statements, Energy Strategies, Renewable Energy Feasibility and such like.   In other instances, the business demand is for BREEAM assessments and there are plenty of people already in the business who want to diversify. 


Our advice to candidates is to think about that one opportunity that would appeal to you and your longer terms career goals and work towards finding that.  Think about the reasons why you are unsettled in the first instance – can a new employer offer you that?


It would be great to hear from BREEAM Assessors and businesses alike about how you are personally managing the talent shortage within BREEAM in particular.  We would love to hear from candidates that are not looking for work and what makes you happy in your current role – how should another organise attract you to their business?  Is there enough training in the industry? Does the boom/bust cycles mean we will always have a talent shortage in boom times?

 Please let us know by commenting or emailing the Lewis Davey cleantech & sustainability team on or calling us on 020 7859 4246 option 2.    You can follow and interact with us via our various social media channels accessible via our website


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