The Future of Climate Action: How to tackle GHGs in the supply chain

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The Future of Climate Action: How to tackle GHGs in the supply chain

Lewis Davey is delighted to supporting Innovation Forum with their upcoming event ‘The Future of Climate Action: How to tackle GHGs in the supply chain’ will take place virtually on 27th-29th September 2021.

This virtual conference will assess how business can deliver on net-zero commitments with a specific focus on supply chain decarbonization. Through focused discussion, the event will identify the key opportunities and challenges in tackling Scope 3 emissions, and highlight how the latest innovations and solutions can be applied in practice.

You can see more information on the conference website.

Over three days of virtual workshops, roundtables, panel discussions, Q&As, lively debates and more, agenda highlights include:

    • The heat is on: How business can turn policy pressure into opportunity
    • Road to net-zero: Best practice to establish credible, timebound and science-based targets on the path to net-zero
    • Collaboration in action: How genuine collaboration can enable business to drive supply chain GHG reductions
    • Supplier engagement: Practical guidance on how to frame carbon reduction as an opportunity and achieve supplier buy-in
    • Internal transformation: How to align corporate culture with climate strategy across departments
    • You can’t manage what you don’t measure: Best practice for collecting and verifying supplier data to effectively measure progress
    • Mandatory climate disclosure: How to effectively engage investors in company climate performance
    • The climate finance landscape: Who are the key actors and what are the financing options available for Scope 3 action?  
    • Beyond operations and offsets: Practical insights into the environmental solutions available, their values and limitations
    • Big bets on regenerative agriculture: Can it really bring the transformation we expect?
    • Carbon offsets: The role of offsets in a credible net-zero strategy and how the offset market is evolving
    • Communicating climate action: Practical guidance on how to credibly engage key stakeholders in your journey towards decarbonization

The full agenda is available online.

What can you expect from this conference?


  • Cross-sector learning from the experiences of multiple corporates, NGOs and governments and about how to make policy into reality in the supply chain.
  • The latest research on regulatory drivers, business impacts, roles and management of sustainable supply chains.
  • Engagement with senior sustainability and operations executives in more than 200 companies across FMCG, retail, apparel and technology.
  • Debate on HOW business should engage policy makers and government officials in driving positive sustainable changes.
  • Engaging networking 1:1 or in small groups, and the chance to join workshops and speed networking sessions with likeminded executives, all focused on practical outcomes.
  • Collaboration and partnerships with other large businesses, key suppliers, technology and solutions providers, governments and donor agencies, and NGOs.
  • Continued access to all content and materials as the conference site stays  live post-conference – so whatever time zone you’re in, you’ll have easy access to all the conference.

You’ll be joined by 200+ representatives from brands, investors, NGOs, academics, initiatives and government. Confirmed speakers to date include senior representatives from Colgate-Palmolive, Kellogg Company, Kimberly-Clark, Alaska Airlines, Intel, AB InBev, International Paper, Ceres, Pirelli Tire, Oxfam America, PepsiCo, Ford Motor Company, World Resources Institute and more.

Registration is open. Secure your place at the conference and save 20% on your ticket by using the code ‘LEWISDAVEY’ at the checkout.

Full registration details can be found here.

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