June Town Planning Jobs and Market Update

June Town Planning Jobs and Market Update

June Town Planning Jobs and Market Update

As we approach the half-way point of the year its worth considering the difference in the Town Planning Consultancy Jobs market compared to last year, and indeed the previous three or four years prior to that. Opportunities are available for qualified planners across the country and finally we are seeing the positivity in the South East of England spreading to many other areas of the UK.


It is an interesting time for Town Planners because many professionals are seeing the new opportunities being opened up around them but there is still an understandable reluctance to move jobs. Better the devil you know – or is it?


Town Planners remember all too well what the market has been like over the past few years and how difficult it has been for many people in the industry. These are scars that stay with consultants.


Having loyalty to your employer is very important and a great professional character trait to display. Having tenure in your roles is important too as candidates who have shown the ability to not only hold down a job, but actually be continually promoted, even in tough market conditions will often see the best opportunities come their way.


It is also important to keep developing your career. Your experience needs to keep moving forward and you should be working towards your career goals and aspirations. What are yours?  When did you last analyse these? What do you plan to do to ensure that you meet and exceed those targeted goals and aspirations?


If you feel that your current employer can help you achieve those then now is the time to sit down with your managers and get your career plan on track again. There is a lot of positivity in the market, clients are easier to find and most consultants are able to bill near to 100% on client projects. Now is the time to test those business development skills which you have gained in tougher market conditions and benefit from the improving landscape for Town Planning in the UK. Get involved with client management, project management and staff management. Learn new skills and spend time networking. Go to Town Planning events, be noticed, make connections which will help your develop your career.


If you feel that your goals and aspirations do not match your current employers then maybe now is the time to look at new job opportunities. We are holding a large number of Town Planning vacancies for Chartered Planning Consultants all the way up to the Director/Partner level. Some of these are listed below. If you would like to have a confidential conversation on what types of opportunities exist which will help you realise those career objectives then we would be pleased to help.  Call Shaun Lewis on 020 7859 4246 or email your CV in confidence to shaun@lewisdavey.com. Your details are never sent out without your expressed permission.


Current Roles


Planning Partner – Cambs

Town Planning Director – London

Planning Manager – North Yorks

Associate Town Planner – London

Associate Town Planner – Reading

Associate Town Planner – Kent

Associate Town Planner – South Wales

Associate Town Planner – Sussex

Senior Planner – Durham

Senior Planner – Staffs

Senior Planner – Birmingham

Senior Planner – Bristol

Senior Planner – Dorset

Senior Planner – Hampshire

Town Planners – Dorset, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Norfolk, Cambs, Kent, Hampshire, Durham, South Wales, Bedfordshire









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