Lewis Davey Launches

Lewis Davey Launches

Lewis Davey launched this week and I’m delighted to be part of this alongside my business partner and fellow director Shaun Lewis. 


I thought it would be useful and perhaps interesting to outline what drove Shaun and I to established Lewis Davey.  


Having both worked in recruitment for almost ten years, operating at the top of our respective disciplines, we have both benefited from a great deal of exposure to different ways of operating, a plethora of mandates for a diverse range of clients and seen first hand how our core markets of Cleantech, Sustainability and Town Planning have evolved.  


First and foremost, we know how mainstream recruiters work and we think we can do better. We’re looking to go beyond what your typical recruitment consultancy delivers – most will promise the earth but do they actually deliver? Do they truly understand what they are recruiting and do they add value beyond filling a role? 


We’ve diversified our services so in addition to providing a talent acquisition service we are also proving business development and market intelligence services alongside. We are keen to realise as much value from our far reaching networks as possible so that our customers can maximise their return on investment.


Secondly, we think that by combining Shaun’s unrivaled expertise in recruiting for Town Planning along my experience of recruiting for Cleantech (energy efficiency, renewables, energy storage etc.) & Corporate Sustainability into a holistic offering focused around Smart Cities, we offer something that is innovative and unique. 


Having recruited within Cleantech & Sustainability for over seven years, I’ve been luckily enough to build up a comprehensive understanding of the big picture – how the various dots connect. 


I’m luckily enough to have worked alongside architects, engineering consultancy, main contractors, renewable energy developers, masterplanners, energy suppliers, investment banks & funds, large corporatations – literally everyone who has some invested interest in sustainability and cleantech.      


Recently I’ve witnessed a hive of activity around the Smart or Future Cities concept. I’ve been talking to people involved in grid scale Energy Storage projects who are talking about a Smart Grid.  I’ve talked to Energy Managers who are managing our buildings post occupancy and making them Smarter and Mechanical Engineers working on Heat Networks and District Energy projects.  Lot’s of different talent in lots of different organisations.  


Ultimately Smart Cities and the Smart Grid mean different things to different people, but essentially I believe there is this coming together of ICT, Telecomms, Engineering and Sustainability.  I do believe we are on the verge of the Third Industrial Revolution, as described by Jeremy Riffkin.  Lewis Davey has been created to provide a holistic approach to this market where collaboration and a diversity of talent is key. 


It’s funny, my background prior to recruiting within Sustainability & Cleantech was in Coastal Zone Management – understanding & managing the pressures alongside a diverse set of stakeholders involved in the area where land, sea and air intersect.  It was apparent then that so many of our cities are based in coastal regions – you only have to look at Sydney, London and New York and think… What If?.  With exacerbated risk from coastal flooding, more intense storms and rising sea level because of climate change, how we manage and adapt is going to be vital. Its ironic that now, as the smart cities market evolves, I can look back at my Coastal Zone Management days and take stock.  I can appreciate that for our Future Cities to be truly Smart, that we will all need to work together – to collaborate. And it is this collaboration theme that drove us to establish Lewis Davey.  If in some small way, we can connect to dots, facilitate cross-business relationships, form teams of diverse talent that can meet the huge challenges we have ahead, then we will take huge satisfaction from that.  


Drop us a line sometime. We like to talk. 

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