How to make your extra 20% count!

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How to make your extra 20% count!

I know what you’re all thinking, this is another ploy by a recruiter to get us to spend our additional resources we have gained from the 20% increase in Town Planning Fees…..

Well it kind of is, but it got me thinking, how could a Planning Department best utilise this large increase, so I thought I would share my take on this from feedback we receive from Town Planners, Heads of Departments, the community and our stance on recruiting Planners in a very difficult market place.


  1. Spend it on us!!!

No only joking! Spend it on finding the very best talent, however that is. Why? Because the best talent will deliver the best results and in turn reduce the mounting workload, increase productivity and overall, increase moral. Which means your retention rate will be higher too, a happy worker makes a happy office!


  1. Spend it on more contractors!

Again, only joking! The cost of hiring a contractor mounts to around double that of their permanent counterpart. Why waste the additional resources for a sub standard contractor who isn’t going to invest their future in you.


  1. Increase wages!

Yep, not a bad idea. Keeping inline with your competition (IE: Councils directly surrounding yours) is a good idea. People want to get paid what they are worth and if they are not, they will easily find out from a colleague at a neighbouring Authority that there is more to be made for the same thing right in their area! Trust me, an employees pay is very high up the list on reasons given as to why they are seeking a new position, in the same area!


  1. Run some more adverts

I do not need to tell you how ineffective and expensive adverts are in the main publications during a candidate strong market place. You will probably find that by placing a few new additional ads will yield just the same results as before…. nothing or at best low level candidates scratching around sending their details in for irrelevant roles. But don’t let us stop you, the proof is in the pudding. All we know is that advertising is just one part of a bigger picture, take a better approach and leave no stone uncovered to find the best talent to work for you on a permanent basis. This could be done via a HeadHunt or bang on their door if you have to!

One thing is for sure though, the best people are not sitting on their lunch breaks looking at job boards!!



  1. Stockpile it for future.

Smart move some might say, and there probably is one hundred reasons why this is a good idea from a Planning Team perspective. What it won’t do though is motivate your team if other teams around are seeing increases, or suddenly there is an abundance of jobs advertised locally at a higher rate. What you won’t be able to do is hide if your team is under pressure, the failure to not rectify or add to your team to enable them to deliver the results (which in turn delivers revenue).


  1. Do nothing.

Why on earth would this be a good idea. You’ve probably spent the last 5 years complaining that you do not have the budget to do this that or hire etc…. this is not a great idea from any perspective.



Overall, this is my opinion of this situation with which you may say I have no idea internally. However, there is one thing I do know about, and that’s whether individuals I speak to on a daily basis (at all levels) are happy and feeling challenged in their current Local Authority.


On a side line, if you do want to understand more about how we place Permanent Staff in the Public Sector with methods such as Headhunting for not much more than the cost you will pay for a couple of failed adverts, please feel free to get in touch with me now,





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