Microsoft partners with other leading businesses to create the Transform to Net Zero Initiative

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Microsoft partners with other leading businesses to create the Transform to Net Zero Initiative

Microsoft has announced it is joining eight other global corporations to support businesses in eliminating their carbon footprints as part of a larger commitment to becoming a carbon negative business by 2030.

The leading software organisation is the founding representative of Transform to Net Zero, which launched last week with a number of businesses joining forces including Nike, Mercedes-Benz, Unilever and Danone. As part of the launch, the group confirmed an initiative called the Microsoft Sustainability Calculator with a goal of supporting other businesses with eliminating their carbon emissions.

The recent development by Microsoft comes just after Apply released its ambition of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. Microsoft’s initiatives are part of its wider campaign to become carbon negative by 2030. Lucas Joppa, the chief environmental officer of Microsoft explains that they have had many discussions with those with carbon targets and others that are actively engaging but unaware of how to start their plans without the necessary information and tools.

The plans are intended to support businesses in their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. The Transform to Net Zero initiative aims to create a blueprint for other businesses to follow a similar path. The coalition will commence by combining industry leaders with some of the boldest carbon targets and will implement a series of strategic steps in order to reach net zero.

The Microsoft Sustainability Calculator will enable Microsoft cloud-based technology customers to gain a deeper understanding of how they can reach a zero-carbon economy. Applying innovative tools such as AI and advanced analytics, the sustainability calculator will generate clear insights on how to tackle and reduce emissions, the capability to predict emissions and simplify the overall carbon reporting process. The calculator system utilised consistent and accurate carbon data to measure the impact of Microsoft cloud services on the overall environmental footprint.

Cloud computing needs a constant supply of energy to drive the server infrastructure. Studies by the think tank The Shift Project predicts that data storage and internet supply combined will make up 4% of the total carbon emissions worldwide this year.

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