Mid-Summer Town Planning Jobs and Market Update

Mid-Summer Town Planning Jobs and Market Update

Mid-Summer Town Planning Jobs and Market Update

Mid-summer already! Whilst the weather has stayed warm, the Town Planning recruitment market has become red-hot!!


It remains an incredibly exciting time to be part the UK Town Planning industry. The whole industry is enjoying better times than last year and certainly the previous few years.  


When Lewis Davey set up, we were careful to pick our markets very carefully.  We made a conscious decision to only recruit into the private sector. Collectively we had all enjoyed working with private sector firms greater than our experience of recruiting into the public sector. The current climate, and the breadth of openings in the private sector has really validated our decision. In the 9 years which I have spent working in the Town planning market, I can scarcely remember a busier time.


Consultancies and Developers have the opportunity to offer flexibility to their employees and will drive their staff on a career development pathway. They also often offer a broader spectrum of work and in many cases can see developments through from feasibility to approval to construction.


Consultancies also allow their staff to build a specialist focus in Residential, Mixed-Use, Education/Healthcare, Retail, EIA, Minerals and Waste, Renewable Energy, etc. Yet most are diverse enough to offer a varying range of projects for their staff.


Consultancies and Developers also help foster the skills which will allow you to go far in your career. These skills include Client Management, Project Management, Business Development and Staff Management. These allow you to enhance your ability to think outside the box on planning projects, develop negotiation and objection handling skills. It allows you to pitch for new work and to produce compelling written proposals. It teaches you to talk in front of a crowd and present your innovative ideas to captive audiences.


Below is our selection of current and active private sector roles in Town Planning:


·         Planning Partner – Newcastle/Durham

·         Head of Planning – London

·         Planning Director – London

·         Planning Director – Bristol

·         Planning Director – Surrey

·         Planning Manager – North Yorkshire

·         Associate Director – Hampshire

·         Associate Town Planner – London

·         Associate Retail Planner – London

·         Associate Town Planner – Reading

·         Associate Town Planner – Sussex

·         Senior Planner – South London

·         Senior Planner – Oxford

·         Senior Planner – Hertfordshire

·         Senior Planner – Manchester

·         Senior Planner – West Sussex

·         Senior Planner – Birmingham

·         Senior Planner – Bristol

·         Senior Planner – Kent

·         Senior Planner – Dorset

·         Senior Retail Planner – London

·         Senior Planner – Hampshire

·         Senior Housing Development Consultant – South Coast

·         Urban Designers – Hampshire

·         Town Planners – Dorset, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Norfolk, Cambs, Kent, Hampshire, Durham, South Wales, Bedfordshire, Reading, West Sussex, East Sussex

·         Graduate Planners – Newcastle, Sussex, Dorset, London


     Please contact Shaun or Peter on 020 7859 4246 to discuss your career plans and to discuss the active roles on offer. Your CV is never sent out without your permission and all CVs can be sent directly to shaun@lewisdavey.com. At this stage we are only recruiting candidates with an RTPI accredited Masters, or equivalent. To expedite the process previous applicants need not apply as we will be contacting you on regular basis to keep you informed of new developments.

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