Opportunities that stand out!

Opportunities that stand out!

Tell me about a “new opportunity” one more time!


If you’ve got the word “sustainability” or worse “BREEAM” in your linkedin profile the chances are you are being bombarded with invites and inmails by a whole host of recruiters. I get it, that must be quite frustrating at times. Though I must admit I couldn’t help but smile when one Sustainability Consultant confessed that his department conduct a weekly office competition to see who could get the most.


The demand for BREEAM Assessors has gone through the roof in the last 18 months, and the onslaught from recruiters has caused many professionals to adopt either a silent or at best a, “no, I’m not interested” approach. So how have Lewis Davey adapted to this? Well, firstly it has been a case of advising our clients of the general perception consultants have to their role.  We understand that there is more to an opportunity than the day-to-day role and responsibilities. Therefore, extra effort has gone in to ascertain points such as the company culture, career progression and the types of projects they are involved in. Speaking with consultants on daily basis means we have plenty of information relay back to our clients and in turn they have come back with some very attractive opportunities.


If you’re open to hearing about opportunities, and really you should be, then your best bet is to have an informal chat with us. Sure it’s annoying to be bombarded, and we don’t wish to pester you, however it’s a particularly good time to propel your career. How long will this season last? It’s hard to tell.


Remember, there’s nothing worse than someone else getting your dream job

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