Lewis Davey launch Sustainability Policy – The Future Planned


Lewis Davey launch Sustainability Policy – The Future Planned

As a business playing a leading role in identifying the talent and skills needed to deliver a sustainable future, Lewis Davey is delighted to announce the launch of our own Sustainability guiding principles – The Future Planned.  In it we outline our approach to ensuring that our own organisation is run ethically and sustainably but also identify the ways in which we can increase our positive impacts on customers, candidates and the wider sector.

Commenting on the launch, Miles Davey who leads Lewis Davey’s Cleantech & Sustainability division said that:

“Whilst we’re still a relatively small and boutique business and our own environmental impacts are minimal, we were keen to look at ways we could lessen this and, more importantly, put time aside as a business to understand how we can positively impact the industries and communities we operate in.  The process of putting “The Future Planned” together has allowed us to cement our thinking around this in additional to coming up with some new ideas.”

Over a series of workshops with the lovely Emma Wood from Sustainable Edge, the Lewis Davey Team were able to disseminate what mattered to us as individuals and as a business.  We always wanted to produce something simple that our stakeholders could engage with and digest quickly.  The way we saw it, for a small business with minimal direct impact, there was no point in commissioning a marathon of a document that would gather dust on the shelf.  Our challenge was to produce something simple and appropriate that would help us to drive our business forward sustainably and highlight our role in influencing development beyond the confines of our own organisation.

As a result of the exercise we are now in the process of taking forward a number of initiatives which we hope will be able to influence change.  We will be looking to reach out, particularly to SME’s and businesses that have not thought about or actioned anything tangible in regard to sustainability, and take a positive message to them about how adopting a considered approach to sustainability can have an impact on business performance, staff retention and attraction.  Whilst a significant part of the clientele Lewis Davey work with are firmly involved in Sustainability & Cleantech, there are many businesses that have not given CSR and Sustainability much thought and we are hoping we can influence that and also provide an easy to access solution.

Emma Wood of Sustainable Edge who worked with Lewis Davey to develop The Future Planned commented “It was a delight to work with an organisation with a genuine passion for sustainable business. Where many organisations may approach this area as an exercise in risk management, the entire team at Lewis Davey are passionate about doing something to support their sector. It was a real pleasure to help them with their first steps on this journey.”

Shaun Lewis, a Director in Lewis Davey, who leads all our Town Planning & Development work across both the public and private sector said “it was important to us to engage our staff in some of the things which are important to them so that our goals around CSR translate well from a business level all the way through to the individual. It has been an enlightening experience which has left our team highly motivated to make positive contributions to our staff, clients, suppliers and everyone else who could be affected by the operation of our business. We welcome discussions from any peers who might be interested in developing their own CSR policy. I would recommend that all firms in our industry engage in this process”.

Of course, if you are looking to recruit someone to help your business operate more positively on either an interim or positive basis, please do not hesitate to contact the team at Lewis Davey.

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