Resilience to the changing face of Cleantech & Sustainability.


Resilience to the changing face of Cleantech & Sustainability.

ESOS. Kept a few of us busy…for a time. But the madness of ESOS around the turn of the year coupled with lower energy prices and Brexit has led to a difficult time for Energy Consultancies in particular. There has been little recruitment activity around Energy Management as a consequence and in some businesses whispers of redundancies. Many businesses were so inundated with ESOS Audits that they took one eye of their sales and their future pipeline. ESOS has created a boom and bust scenario and this got me thinking – how can businesses ensure they stay one step ahead of the curve?

I’ve seen it before within Sustainable Design. The rise and fall in demand for BREEAM Assessors. The construction market dies so does the need for BREEAM Assessors. This was very visible throughout the Credit Crunch. Pre-Credit Crunch, a competent BREEAM Assessor / Sustainability Consultant would be inundated with opportunities. Businesses would literally be fighting over these guys – the war for talent was very much alive. But then times change. BREEAM Assessors were left high & dry – an unwanted Christmas present, where many sat tight hoping they could see out the downturn. Then things picked up, the market moved and now it has quietened. The eeriness of uncertainty lingers.

I’ve also seen it in solar – the “solar roller-coaster” from one subsidy to a subsidy cut. From a fight over Solar PM’s and Developers to a no one wants you but please try Energy Storage.

How businesses manage these cycles is key. Employing versatile, geographical mobile staff who can move between technical disciplines and geographical hotspots as one markets dies and another comes on is vital. There’s no clear answer but by keeping one eye on future markets, ensuring you train and develop your staff and stay nimble in a market where volatility is the new norm will help you to become resilient.

And talking of resilience, let’s take a moment to explore where the new opportunities are – the story and the language is changing. We’re hearing less about sustainability and more about resilience. Less about Renewables and more about Smart Energy. Wellbeing and Social value is creeping in, new markets come online, others dissipate. And after all this, it is worth remember what one our favourite scientists once penned: “it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

So how do you adapt to change? What intelligence are you deriving from the market to make informed decisions? And how will you incorporate all of this into your talent acquisition and retention strategy and development and training?
Of course through our Market Intelligence and Talent Identification offerings, Lewis Davey is well placed to help business adapt to a changing landscape. You can speak one of our team today on 020 7859 4246 or email us on

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