Solar plans continue at EDF with new solar site proposal

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Solar plans continue at EDF with new solar site proposal

EDF Renewables is planning to construct a 49.9MW solar site at Tye Lane near Bramford. If the plans are approved, the site would generate a community fund of up to £10,000 each year for its 35 year lifetime. The site would be supported by further plans to install electric vehicle charging infrastructure nearby, which would create added benefits to EV users in the community by providing affordable, fast charging facilities.

EDF has confirmed that ecological and feasibility surveys have been performed and are currently consulting with local communities about the proposed site. Public Consultation is due to finish on the 27th November, with a planning application due to be submitted to Suffolk District Council by the end of the year.

Mark Vyvyan-Robinson, the Director of solar and onshore wind development at EDF Renewables believes the site is a great location for a solar facility due to the prevailing conditions and the proximity to a grid connection. Mr Robinson explains that the project will enable EDF to further contribute to the green economic recovery from Covid-19 and support the UK in achieving its net-zero targets.

EDF currently has plans to nearly double its installed renewable energy capacity from 28GW to 50GW by 2030, with a target of delivering 200MW in collaboration with Octo Energy. EDF recently acquired Wexford Solar Limited, along with its eight existing solar projects with a collective capacity of 100MW.

The Tye Lane Solar site would represent the latest ground mount solar site in the UK for EDF, following on from its first site earlier this year, the 49.9MW solar farm next to Sutton Bridge Power Station.

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