The CSH is dead, Long Live the CSH?

The CSH is dead, Long Live the CSH?

It’s widely known that the Code for Sustainable Homes is being phased out in 2018 and our understanding, if we are still up to date with latest thinking, is that this is likely to be integrated into building regs.  


With CSH fading out, you’d expect that we would be witnessing a down turn in demand for Code Assessors but no, we are still seeing a demand for accredited Code for Sustainable Homes Assessors and have live jobs ongoing in this area as I write.


What’s interesting, from speaking to one of our contacts earlier today, is that Developers are now starting to consider ways they can differentiate their developments now that CSH is on the way out.  There’s a demand for more bespoke solutions that highlight the sustainability credentials of any given development and which might, therefore, give that particular development the edge when competition with others nearby.


It will certainly be interesting to see how this pans out and we would love to hear from some of you in regards to how you see the residential new build market panning out in reference to sustainable construction.  

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