The transition towards green jobs and drive for businesses to become more sustainable

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The transition towards green jobs and drive for businesses to become more sustainable

Innovative and progressive companies are accelerating their focus on sustainability in response to the climate challenge and with an added objective of attracting a new generation of sustainably-conscious talent.

Businesses from various industries are implementing new environmental and sustainable strategies to emphasise how their business is actively involved in tackling the challenges our planet faces. The development of native woodland in the highlands of Scotland is one measure taken in BrewDog’s goal of reaching carbon neutrality. James Watt, co-founder of BrewDog explains that sustainability cannot be viewed as an add-on feature, instead, it needs to represent a vital part of everyone’s position in the business. Their wider investment plan includes plans to convert to a completely electric-powered fleet of vehicles and for the business to operate on energy generated from wind turbines. Excess and waste grain are converted into fuel and the carbon dioxide created during the process of fermentation intends to be used to carbonate the beer.

More and more businesses are following a similar ambition of reaching carbon neutrality, driven by a combination of recognition of the need to be more sustainable and to enhance their business appeal to the new wave of conscious-minded professionals.

As more businesses and industries focus their attention on carbon reduction, a green industrial revolution could emerge, stimulating significant growth in new green industry jobs. The UN’s Food & Agriculture Organisation forecasts that climate action in the agricultural industry alone will deliver over 200 million full-time jobs worldwide by 2050.

Businesses operating in the environmental and sustainable market have started to see an increase in job applications from individuals looking for positions with purpose. The industries involved with fossil fuels are struggling to attract the right people to support and solidify their business. Being capable of demonstrating the right culture is vital to initiating clear and actionable change.

Industry experts believe that a continued transition towards a greener economy would generate more jobs and further stability. Continued degradation to our environment could potentially threaten millions of jobs that are directly connected to a healthy environment, such as fishing, farming and forestry.

Individuals are becoming more connected and aware of the implications of their decisions in terms of consumer good, finance and employment. Sustainability has expanded well beyond a side feature of a business, to an essential piece of the entire organisation. In the case of banks, there has been a considerable shift in terms of investing in green infrastructure, which analysts believe can support green job development by financing positive impact and environmental businesses. Investors are showing more interest and demanding more say on where their savings are placed and ensuring they are contributing towards a better environment.

Sustainability will need to be incorporated into the design stage in all industries. Creating green industry jobs goes beyond employing individuals in conventional environmental and sustainability roles. In reality, all jobs should be striving to be more green and sustainability should stand at the core of every decision in all sectors.

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