Town Planning Jobs Market Update – December 2013

Town Planning Jobs Market Update – December 2013

Town Planning Jobs

Market Update – December 2013

The Planning Consultancy Survey 2013 was released last month and it reconfirmed the positivity in the employment market for private – sector Town Planners. We are currently seeing month-on-month growth in Town Planning Jobs in the UK. Great news for everyone but maybe not so much for companies looking to hire senior professionals…


There is a real lack of available Town Planners who have proven staff and client management skills and business development networks. There is certainly a lot of work around and those with strong connections can really land themselves a Director/AD/Associate role with some of the best employers in the UK Town Planning market. Salaries are heading up too and finally we are starting to see areas outside of London with more Planning Jobs too.


Its not just Business Developers that are required though. Many conversations I have had this month have included client’s talking about having full work books, over 100% utilisation rates, top heavy structures, etc. They are interviewing constantly particularly in December as they ready themselves for the New Year. In the main they only see the same to happening for the first quarter of 2014 also.


We are having strategic meetings with consultancies to put in place long- term talent acquisition strategies and to begin building talent maps which will be crucial to them over the coming few years. Therefore we are very interested in speaking to candidates who will be passively, or actively, looking for a new Town Planning job in the next year or so. All conversations are confidential and your details are never sent out without your permission. In fact, we would really like to speak with you well in advance of you wanting to make a move so we can offer you a strategic and personalised service.


Despite all of this strategic work we are also very busy with actual vacancies right now. Below is a list of current roles which we are working on and we are accepting applications for:

Current Jobs December 4th 2013

  • Planning Director x2 – South East
  • Head of Strategic Planning – London
  • Associate Director – Hampshire
  • Associate Director – Surrey
  • Associate Director – Manchester
  • Associate – Kent
  • Senior Environmental EIA Planner – Scotland
  • Senior Consultant x2 – Berkshire
  • Senior Planner – Developer – Essex
  • Senior Planner – Bristol
  • Senior Planner – East Anglia
  • Town Planner – London
  • Planning Consultant (Licentiate) – East Anglia x 5 (three different companies)


Please send your CV to and/or call 020 7859 4246 for more information. You will not be shortlisted for a role unless we have spoken in detail so now is the right time to get back in touch or to speak to us for the first time.

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