What’s an Opportunity?

What’s an Opportunity?

What’s an “Opportunity”?

Here’s something you probably didn’t know before and, even though a bit of pub knowledge is handy to have, the following could change your whole outlook on an everyday word.


The word in question is opportunity, but what does it really mean?


It comes from two roots in latin: ob (meaning toward) and portus (meaning port or harbour). Put them together and you get opportunitas, easy so far and the interesting part comes when we see how it was used back in the day. It was mostly used when maritime vessels hit problems on the high seas, whether it be storms, pirates, scurvy or good old fashion stir crazy. Whatever it was, the aim was the same, get to port and kiss the land. As soon as a safe haven was found, the cry of “Opportunitas” would be heard across the ship’s crew. For them there couldn’t be a better word to hear.


So how do you react to the word ‘opportunity’, do you role your eyes, shut your mind and settle for staying out on the unpredictable ocean or perhaps you open your ears and eyes to new lands and new beginnings.

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