Why you should treat your job search & hiring like Christmas Shopping?

Why you should treat your job search & hiring like Christmas Shopping?

Why you should treat your job search & hiring like Christmas Shopping?

I must admit I’ve historically done all my Christmas shopping at the last minute.  At my worst, I’ve flown around the shops on Christmas Eve when everyman and his dog with the same idea is desperately trying to save face and find something half decent for their loved ones.  I have to admit, in my growing maturity, that it is not the way to do it.  Others take it to the other extreme – I’ve spoken to some that have all their shopping done by September.  

In many ways, we can take some hiring and job hunting lessons from the Christmas shopping experience.  When my partner informed me that she had, this weekend, completed all the Christmas Shopping for this year and she could now, rather joyfully, consume mulled wine and not worry about what to buy who, I somewhat sadly, obsessively thought…there are some talent lessons to be derived from this.

Picture how manic it gets the closer you get to Christmas.  How many others you are competing with on those busy high streets.  It’s quite like this with hiring and finding a new job. Everyone has time over the festive and New Year period to take stock, dust off their CV and start to take positive steps to move forward their careers.  Business is the same.  The New Year often coincides with business plans. I’ve spoken to a lot of businesses in the past few weeks who have said “let’s catch up in the new year”.  Everyone needs to remember – there is a war for talent going on out there.  Get ahead of the competition and start to make that positive step towards hiring or securing you next job now.  

Simply put, there’s really no time like the…Present. 

At Lewis Davey, we like Christmas and we like giving.  We also want to encourage our network to do the right thing when it comes to their job search and hiring.  That’s why we are offering all businesses that register a vacancy with us prior to the 20th December a 20% discount on our standard terms.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you are looking for your next role or thinking about hiring next year – get in touch with Lewis Davey today on 020 7859 4246 or through info@lewisdavey.com

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